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10 Ways iPhone Changed The World

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It has not even been a decade and iPhone has changed our life to an extent unimaginable five years back. We all well aware of the fact that iPhone has completely changes our lives. Some even call it to be the most influential of all the electronics products made so far. Let us see how has the gadget changed our life and what made it possible.

  • Changed the way phone handsets looked:

The iPhone has changed the way mobile phone handsets looked before it arrived. The physical keyboards were abandoned and replaced with all-screen input method enabling multi-touch input. It also made the phones too thinner and elegant.

  • Made practice of jailbreaking widespread:

The users of iPhone are much into the practice of jailbreaking by using them with the non-approved carriers and installing non-approved softwares thus enabling them to do what the locked phones couldn’t do.

  • Software distribution:

Although mobile phone apps and apps store were no alien before the arrival of iPhone but its presence made them made easy and uncomplicated. Installing apps before iPhones was problematic and complicated. The iPhone app store made the previous complicated process of installing app simple and easy. The process of discovering, installing, making payment and uninstalling software is now very easy for users.

  • Phone and music together:

With iPhone take your music along with you wherever you want. iTune is an inseparable part of iPhone and maybe also the lives of people nowadays.

  • A world with Orientation and motion sensors:

iPhone has given its users gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. It is also used by many app developers to create desirable effects.

  • Pushed stylus back:

The era of stylus is over with iPhone making it possible to make use of one’s finger for input instructions. Although they do exist but it has a substitute in the form of touch screen doing away with its drawbacks.

  • Captured Japanese Phone market:

Before iPhone arrived there was a myth that Japanese phone users only buy indigenous phones. But the arrival of iPhone proved it wrong with masses in Japan buying iPhone.

  • Changed the way we played games:

The pocket gaming system no longer desirable for most people today. More and more people enjoying games on iPhone more than they do on stand alone gaming system. Phone gaming has replaced them big time.

  • Maps and locations:

Although there existed Yahoo maps and Mapquest but there wasn’t a handheld device that could give us direction then and there. iPhone has changed that the way we did that.

  • Changed the way we do photography:

#iphoneography is the buzzword these days and there have been books written on it. The technology of mobile phone photography has improved immensely and people could not ask for more.