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Political comedy, spoofs and remixes starring Obama Girl and others.

You’ll get Barely Political AND Barely Digital videos on this Channel!
About Me:

Hey! Welcome to Barely Digital and Barely Political launched in June, 2007 with the video “I Got a Crush on Obama”. And did 200 political satire videos. Then in January 2009 we launched and that’s where we do tech satire.
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Here’s what people have said about our video networks…

“Many people – including this blogger – would argue the sitcom is a dying form and this kind of web video will replace it.” –

“It’s just one more example of the fertile imagination of the Internet. More stuff like this will be popping up all the time.” – President Barack Obama, commenting on Obama Girl in July 2007

“BarelyPolitical continues in its work as the best new-media satire operation around.” – Professor Paul Levinson, Infinite Regress

“BarelyPolitical – they built a team where all the players bring it to the table. ” – The Huffington Post

“You guys are the hottest thing on the internet.” – Fox News

“You’re becoming the voice of a generation.” ABC, Good Morning America

“You gotta love their DIY 2.0 Spirit.” Phil DeVellis, creator of Hillary 1984

“Who’s Hot? Judging by nearly 3 million viewers the answer is Obama Girl.” – People Magazine

“The 2008 presidential campaign has become an online popularity contest led by civic journalists on sites like, with its politically-charged music video parodies” – The Boston Herald

“In the past four months, their “Obama Girl” video has been viewed 4 million times on YouTube… starring Amber Lee Ettinger…who single-handedly may solve all our worries about voter apathy.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“(Obama) is definitely crushworthy. More power to the people who think he’s cute.” – Michelle Obama

“The new face of US Politics” – The UK Times

“We like what BarelyPolitical is doing.” – AdRants

“Leah Kauffman. One of 76 Philadelphians who will shape and change our lives over the next decade.” – Philadelphia Magazine

“Totally. Undeniably. Awesome.” TechPresident

“We thought the song of the summer was Rihanna’s inspired and inescapable “Um-brel-la, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh …” Boy were we wrong. It seems that “I Got a Crush … on Obama,” a music video by “barelypolitical,” a.k.a. Obama Girl, should easily take the cake.” – The Washington Post

“That video probably had more to do with shaping Obama’s complicated public image — young and exciting but maybe a bit shallow — than any Internet appeal devised by the candidate’s own aides.” – The New York Times

“Dumbass crap” Tubinism, YouTube member.

“I fucking LOVE it.” chicagoguy19, YouTube member