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Coca-Cola ad – It’s Beautiful

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“The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful.”

When this ad first aired during the 2014 Super Bowl games, it caused a controversy accompanied by boycott threats of Coca-Cola products. A lot of people in the USA were offended that “America the Beautiful” (an American patriotic classic song) was sung in other languages besides English – the ad was performed in seven languages.

We believe this is an absolutely beautiful commercial, one of the Youtube comments says:

“America is not just the USA, America is a continent (north, central and south) it is all beautiful and diverse. From the Canadian Rockies to the grand canyon. From the beaches of Belize to the south pole and everything in between! We are all immigrants unless you are a native American. Embracing our diversity and appreciating our cultural differences is the way we should live. Hate will only consume your heart. The ignorants always fear what they don’t understand but in this day and age ignorance is a choice. Although I don’t drink pop I really like what coke had done here!! All the the people in this video represent someone I care about and it’s beautiful to see!!”

Watch the touching ‘behind the scene’ video below: