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Hi world I am Dave Days. I started making videos in my basement during late summer nights when I had nothing better, and probably worse summer teenager things to do, like hang out with girls while drinking drugs n stuff. My first videos were just me making fun of other people on YouTube because, lets be real, who makes videos on YouTube?! L-M-A-O! After those first videos I began “making videos on YouTube”. Don’t tell my friends. My videos mainly center around music, whether it be a cover, original, parody, or something completely random. From making fun of other YouTubers, to singing about dating Miley Cyrus, or getting lost in Ikea, I now have over 150,000,000 views and over 850,000 subscribers (I know the numbers are right above this section but I wanted to say it and look extra cool alright?). I’m currently working on original music and more YouTube vids. So yeah, subscribe to me and we’ll take over the internet together! Scroll up.. orangish, yellow button the left KTHXBYE. HAH just kidding I hate it when people say that.. the KTHXBYE part. Okay thanks bye.