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Dream Rose

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  • basicallybeauty23

    Can someone tell me what to do on this site? I want to ad links to my youtube, twitter, facebook etc. onto the background design. How is that accomplished? Thanks.

  • MyTubeDesign (@mytubedesign)

    New post: ‘Dream Rose’ #youtube #mytubedesign

  • Twiforeverlove

    You have to replace the background colour by the number #000000!!!! ‘Cause if you write #FFFFFF it doesn’t work!

  • YouTuber


    I had the same problem as you, although I have read the settings.
    You have to replace the background color only by the number “000000″, then it works!

  • MytubeDesign

    You haven’t read the settings have you?

  • cYn

    I tried using this on my channel and it was incomplete. Not sure why but the bottom was just blank white. Just thought I’d let ya know.
    Thanks for all the cool designs.

    • kayla_elaine13

      Same thing happened to me. Hope they solve the issue – I really like that layout. :/

  • khaid