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How Apple Mac Changed People’s Lives Everyday

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A revolutionary invention which was presented to the world thirty years ago on 24th January 1984 by Apple changed the world of technology. It changed the way how the world looked upon the personal computers. It has been thirty years by now and this Apple’s product has made a difference in people’s day to day life. Click here to download the “Happy 30th Birthday Mac” wallpapers for your social media and mobile devices.

Changes that Apple’s Mac gave to the world

The first Graphical User Interface with a mouse was made by Xerox but presented to the world by Apple as the model developed by Xerox wasn’t a commercial product. The design and style which was missing in the personal computers at that time with a beautiful soothing operating system Macintosh was presented by this Steve Jobs driven company. Till now there is no match in the field of design and looks. Macintosh is supposed to be one of the most secured operating systems of all times. Other famous operating systems are prone to security threats and this is how Mac enters people’s lives by protecting their data from intruders. A survey says that people tend to rely on Apple’s Mac rather than other computers as they are more reliable and has a better service.

How Mac enters every man’s life?

The quality of service they provide and the design of the product astonishes the world around and so is the price. An overpriced Mac is preferred over other personal computers as they have a beautifully developed operating system with almost no security loop holes. The hardware design is icing on the cake as it adds some extra points to your style statement. The idea of bringing in cloud services into personal computer so that people could transfer their data easily between Apple devices was a revolution. The retrieving of data from the Mac to your iPhone became a matter of no big deal even if the devices are not in the same house.

Apple’s Mac may not be the most popular operating system in town but it has amazed the world every now and then with its features. The probable reasons of lagging behind in numbers can be the cost. Apple always stressed on uniformity and thus made learning and operating easy for its customers. The rounded icons and a happy face at the starting up screen gave a more user friendly impression. It has been thirty years Apple Macs are trying to make things easier for the world and they still hold that reputation.