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How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

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YouTube is a great place to post your videos and share your stories. It’s perfect for individuals and businesses, but the whole point is to have your videos seen. It is considered another social media account, and works very similar to the likes of Facebook and Twitter when it comes to getting more likes, fans, or followers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Post Content on a Regular Basis


People will see when you last posted a video on your account. They don’t want to see an account that has been dormant for the last three years. If that’s the case, they’ll click away no matter how great your old videos are. If you want them to subscribe and follow you, post more content and keep doing that.

You can’t just post any content though. It needs to be valuable and worthwhile for your subscribers. If you’re a business, offer tips for using a product or share a podcast. If you’re an individual using it for personal use, set up a competition for others to join in with. Those are just a few ideas.

Tag Your Videos Correctly


Think about the tags that you use for your videos. This is how you are going to get most of your views. People search for something specific and the tags are used within the algorithm. If your tags don’t match your content perfectly, people aren’t going to find them. If they show up on an unrelated search, someone will watch for a few seconds. They then quickly click away to find something more useful.

The Title and Descriptions

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Your title and description of a video tells a user a lot. Before watching a video, people often check these to determine whether they will help them. The title shows up in the search, so if it isn’t compelling or helpful, people will simply move onto the next one in the list.

The description needs to have some keywords included. This is also used by the search algorithm to determine whether your video is helpful to a searcher. If the right keywords are there, you will pop up and people will view the video.

Attractive Channel

People that enjoy your videos are likely to check out your Youtube Channel. Having a great channel art and layout is a bonus if you want someone to click that “subscribe” button. Click here to download some awesome wallpapers for your youtube channel art.

The tips are relatively simple, but take some time to get used to. Remember to make sure your tags and descriptions have the right keywords. That increases your chances of being found by the right people, so they subscribe to find out about other videos you have.