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Paper Clouds

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  • MyTubeDesign (@mytubedesign)

    New post: ‘Paper Clouds’ #youtube #mytubedesign

  • outsourcing india drupal

    I think its having more application compared to others.. And also user friendly..

  • Shannin

    I love my new channel layout, thanks to!

  • XHiachi
  • Laila
  • Djcrownover123

    How do you make it zoom out. Mine is really close.

  • Cindy204

    how do you download this?

    • Vittal

      For future rerfeence, there are two very obvious plastic tabs right on the clear plastic top where it meets the cardboard that you simply pull. Then the whole thing opens up from the top and becomes much easier to deal with.

  • Ganojoe

    Great background! Do your terms and conditions apply to the setting box as well? That is link color, background color etc. Thank you for responding in advance.

    • MyTubeDesign

      Thank you! You are welcome to change the settings not a problem at all.

      • Ganojoe

        Thanks. I look forward to using it!

  • Ilikemakinvideos

    You really should make some layouts more to do with technical stuff, because most people make videos about technical stuff on YouTube.

  • sam

    can you make a layout to do with ipod’s and iphone’s and ipad’s and stuff like that!