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Paper Galaxy

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  • Universal Link

    nice clean design! :)

  • paschalis

    Thanks for this great layout

  • John

    Thanks for this great layout :D

  • LJ

    Haha LOL @ ‘Ava Samone’ thanks for making my day. Pretty decent template, nice job.

  • Ava Samone

    I will download AND modify as I see fit, fuck outta here with you terms

  • BestWindowTutorials

    Ok Peter sorry

  • Devin

    @BestWindowsTutorials It clearly says in the Terms, that you will not alter, or modify the design, in whole or in part, for any reason. If you have any questions concerning “Paper Galaxy”, please contact MyTubeDesign at

  • BestWindowTutorials

    Hey whats up peter is it ok if I change the color on photoshop with Hue and Sat whatever but still leave your name. I will obey the rules awesome layouts man