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Today, we introduced a new category called “Inspiration” where we showcase some amazing creations, designs and ideas around the web. ‘Photography’ is something we truly love, and we believe that through the lens and creative mind it captures the beautiful moments of the past, and inspires some special moments of the future.

Photography: Shanghai

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This week we’re travelling to the new fashion capital of Asia: Shanghai.

With a population of more than 23 million, Not only Shanghai is the largest city in Mainland China, but also one of the most popular Asian cities for tourists. In 2010, Shanghai hosted the World Expo, recording the biggest number of visitors in the history.

According to the latest research by Global Language Monitor, a United States-based firm that follows trends in word usage., Shanghai has overtaken Tokyo and Hong Kong to become ‘Asia’s most fashionable city’.

Top 10 cities this year (Global Language Monitor):

  1. New York (+1) — The Big Apple is back on top of the fashion world by slipping past Paris by .5%.

  2. Paris (+2) – The Top Global Fashion Capital for Haute Couture is surprisingly strong in pret-a-porter, also.

  3. London (-2) – London has enjoyed a fabulous two-year run and is now secure in its place in the top echelon for global fashion.

  4. Los Angeles (+5) – Zut alors! Tinsel Town in the Top Four? The result of the melding of the Red Carpet, the Industry (film, of course), and West Coast cool.

  5. Barcelona (-2) – Espana, again, places two Fashion Capitals in the Top Fifteen. Barcelona also wins the Top Fashion Capital for Swimwear.

  6. Rome (0) — Rome may have Seven Hills but Italy now has Three Fashion Capitals (and Milan is No. 2).

  7. Berlin (+3) – Berlin continues its steady rise moving deeper into the the elite ranks.

  8. Sydney (+7) – Sydney towers over OZ distancing (and distinguishing) itself, once again, from Melbourne.

  9. Antwerp (+2) – Ah Antwerp, reverberations of the avant garde Antwerp Six continues into the 21st century.

  10. Shanghai (+12) – As China further emerges onto the world stage, Shanghai leads the fashion charge.