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Designer’s note:

The reason we started MyTubeDesign was because we wanted to make the best looking YouTube Layouts around, and we want everyone to use them freely. we put our thoughts and passion into the designs, and we also go through all the wonderful ideas submitted by you, to make sure everything is PERFECT before we go ahead and create a layout.

MyTubeDesign is a new born baby, and we need YOU – YouTube Community to help it grow. So if you like our layouts, please share this site with your fellow YouTubers.


How to promote MyTubeDesign?


Copy, paste and tweet

“Your YouTube Channel needs a new look! Go to MyTubeDesign and download awesome layouts for free!”


Click on “What’s on your mind?” then click “Link” paste “” and attach. Write something and share with your friends.


Make a video. Tell your viewers where to get awesome YouTube Layouts. (

Link in your profile or website.

I don’t want you to “spam” other YouTubers, so please don’t send group mails.


If you have a personal website, you can either link or place the banners on your site.

Here are a few banners: 250×250, 300×250, 300×400, 468×60, 960×200.

YouTube Partners

If you are a youtube partner, please contact me.