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Why Adults are Obsessed with Cartoons?

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Cartoons are the thing that acquires the mind of kids easily. This is the thing with which most of them are attracted to and they watch every episode of their favorite cartoon character. This is the thing which is also addicting young people and adults too. They are watching cartoons a lot which can reduce the mental pressure and also allows them to laugh with their kids.


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Why adults are obsessed with cartoons. This might be the first question that can arise in someone‚Äôs mind. The answer lies in its existence. Since cartoons are not came in this generation but it was into existence from a long time. Those adults or young people, who were a kid before one or two decade ago might had an interest in watching certain cartoons. Now, their loves towards cartoons increased because of the dimension which is available to them and because of the cartoonists and animators are giving it a perfect shape and design with which the concept of watching cartoon got a new phase. Of course, there are different kinds of cartoons and different levels of fan enthusiasm. Do I consider myself too old to watch a lot of what comes on Saturday mornings? You bet I do. Those cartoons are mind numbing to say the very least. On the other end of the spectrum, there are cartoons like Sponge Bob that many people well past the age of 20 find hilarious that I just don’t get. I fall into what I like to think of as a happy medium.

There are different games on virtual cartoon characters are available on the internet which people play a lot. Also, they can watch the videos of their favorite cartoon episode on internet. There are different websites which are serving for the same. The level of cartoon enthusiasm can range from subtle to full blown obsession. Various examples I have seen include someone whose personal checks featured their favorite character which was subtle enough to someone with a Tweety Bird tattoo which seemed a little extreme but still well within the realm of reason to a lady who literally has a “Disney Room” that is filled with every conceivable Disney character.

Cartoons are yet to increase their viewers because they are the only shows that can eradicate boredom of a person. This is very common in adults as they are tired and frustrated from their routine whole day job. Watching cartoons can provide them mental relief and a reason to laugh.